Com July/August Results released!

A bit later than I would have liked to have them uploaded, but finally, I managed to get the results of July and August online :-)

1. ADAC GT Masters by MASA - Forum thread
2. WTCC 2013 by MASA - Forum thread
2. Formula Family of Scarlets by Haruna - Forum thread
2. Enea Ekstraliga by sartalas - Forum thread
2. LMGTE by marinator - Forum thread
2. LMP 2013 by Marcinho - Fourm thread
2. Reynard 95D by Krisu - Forum thread

Detailed results

There are a loot of second places in this Car of the Month voting. Nevertheless, MASA's excellent ADAC GT Masters recieved two more votes and so this pack can carry the title Car of the Month!

Finally, after a long time, we have a really small increase of voters, now 9 voters (instead of usually 8) ;-)

Best regards, XYY


CoM May/June 2013 results released!

Hi all,

This time we have eight voters again (what a surprise). But it's hard to tell which is the best car, so there are three winning cars!

1. Fictional cars / GR design / WRC / Rally by MASA - Forum thread
1. F2 Kit cars by Lukeno94 - Forum thread
1. WTCC 2013 by Herbal - Forum thread

Detailed results

Thanks to 8 voters!


CoM March/April 2013 results released

Hey all,
after a demotivating beginning with only 4 voters, we still have a normal number of voters (8 in total). These are the results:

1. Fictional cars / GR design / WRC by MASA - Forum thread
1. F1 2013 by XYY - Forum thread
3. Cute Series by Haruna - Forum thread

Detailed results

Congrats to MASA, Haruna and all the others who recieved some votes!


CoM January/February 2013 results released

Hi all,

the results of the latest Car of the Month are here:

1. March-Judd 881 F1 (1988-1989) by Krisu - Forum thread
1. WRC 2013 by Mad Dan - Forum thread
3. Random Race cars volume 1 by Lukeno94 - Forum thread

Detailed results

Another double podium! Krisu strikes with his historic Formula one car, but Dan's WRC pack isn't less impressing! Congrats also to Lukeno94 who is only one vote behind. And congrats to everyone who got a nomination, all of the cars were voted at least once ;-)

Thanks to 8 voters!


CoM November/December 2012 results released

After a slight delay, here are the results of the sixteenth Car of the Month period:

1. Petit Touring and GT cars by Haruna - Forum thread
2. TTA 2012 by Paw - Forum thread
3. R/C Offroad Buggies by MASA - Forum thread
3. Chevrolet Camaro Grand-Am GT by Haruna - Forum thread
3. Super Touring Megapack by Lukeno94 - Forum thread

Detailed results

After a while with double and even triple winners, this time there is one clear winner: the touring and GT pack by Haruna! Paw is 2 votes behind. Congratulations also to MASA, Luke and once more to Haruna.

Thanks to 8 voters!