CoM May/June 2014 results released!

Hi all,

I just uploaded the results of the latest Car of the Month voting:

1. WTCC 2014 by Herbal - Forum link
2. Formula 1 2014 by Gzehoo - Forum link
3. Seat Leon Eurocup by Szmajli - Forum link
3. J-Speed Association GT Masters by Haruna - Forum link
3. Speedway Enea Ekstraliga 2014 by sartalas - Forum link

Detailed Results

Thanks to 14 voters. It seems that currently there are always more than ten votes ;-)

Best regards, XYY


CoM March/April 2014 results released!

Hi guys,

A bit later than expected, I upload the CoM results of March and April. Please note that with this nomination, we end the fourth year of Car of the Month already. Thanks for your support so far, I hope it continues in the future!

1. Aussie V8 Supercars 2014 by Herbal - Forum thread
2. Dog Sled by Emil the ZZW - Forum thread
2. F1 2014 by heniogk - Forum thread

Detailed results

Herbal is no newbie to carmaking, but now he won the Car of the Month award for the first time. heniogk's flawless F1 cars share the second place with Emil's unusual, but good Dog sled - both of them haven't been on the podium of CoM so far. Congratulations!

Thanks to 13 voters!


CoM January/February 2014 results released!

Hi all,

finally, after a long time (sorry for that), I'm able to upload the results of the previous Car of the Month voting period. The result is very strange, there were six car(packs) which really stick out from the rest, and two of them aren't even on the podium!

1. Aola Proto1 by Crowella - Forum thread
1. FIA Group R5 by Szmajli - Forum thread
1. WRC 2014 by AeroWiewiur - Forum thread
1. NASCAR Sprint Cup 2014 by puttz - Forum thread

Detailed results

Thanks to fourteen voters. It's really nice to see that the interest in CoM seems to be increasing... :-)


CoM November/December 2013 results released!

Hi guys!

What a crazy CoM result! puttz has won the CoM award with his NASCARs, by getting an amazing ten out of eleven votes (the eleventh voter was puttz himself :-D) Huge congrats for this, but we shouldn't forget about Gzehoo's second place and MASA's third place.

1. Nascar Camping World Truck Series 2013 by puttz - link
2. Supersport Tuned Cars by Gzehoo - link
3. F-Zero Machines Vol. 1 by MASA - link

Thanks to eleven voters, we hadn't had so many for a while :-)

Best regards, XYY


CoM September/October 2013 results released!

Hi guys!

Finally, the results for CoM September and October 2013 are out, and we have a clear winner. Haruna's GT3 pack got 7 out of 9 possible votes and deserves the Car of the Month award. Congrats also to MASA and sartalas whose creations share the second place.

1. GT3 Basepack by Haruna - Forum thread
2. FIA GT Series by MASA - Forum thread
2. Global Rallycross Championship by sartalas - Forum thread

Detailed results

Thanks to 9 voters!