Nomination Rules

1. You can nominate a car(pack) assuming it fits the following two criteria:

2. Every member of the GRIF forums is allowed to nominate car(pack)s.

3. An author is NOT allowed to nominate an own car(pack).

4. There is no limit for the amount of nominated car(pack)s or the amount of nominations by the same person.

5. The method for nominating a car(pack) is to write a post in the relevant thread (e.g. CoM May/June). This thread is in the cars forum. The post should include the name of the car(pack), author, and a link to the thread that it was originally published in. All  nominations will be posted on the nominees page of the CoM website before the election begins.

6. The list of nominated car(pack)s is final after the nomination deadline has passed (7th of the following month). No non-nominated car(pack)s can be voted for in the election without the approval of the CoM organisers. If someone wishes to elect a non-nominated car(pack), they must send a PM to any of the CoM organisers to request this.


Conditions for Car(pack)s to be Electable

All car(pack)s that fit the criteria for nomination stated above in 1a and 1b is eligible for election, and vice versa: car(pack)s that do not fit nomination criteria are not eligible for election.


Conditions for Voting

All members of the GRIF forums may cast a vote. While it is not essential to be familiar with all of the nominees, it does help to give a fairer result.


Voting Rules

1. Votes must be cast by sending a PM to Herbal. It is preferable that this PM has a relevant subject to make it  identifiable (e.g. CoM Vote).

2. The election will last for 2 weeks, beginning immediately after the nomination period closes, 1 week after the month’s end.

3. The election will begin with a post in the relevant thread, announcing the voting period open. All nominees will be listed in this post.

4. Every voter can vote for up to 5 car(pack)s. The order of these bares no relevance or importance, so no special order is required. If more than 5 votes are cast by one member, only the first ones in the list will be counted.
If the vote doesn't show which car is meant to be voted this part of the message will be ignored.

5. As with the nomination period, nominated authors are not allowed to vote for their own car(pack)s. They may vote for other nominees, but still no more than 5 votes.


Results & Prize-Giving

1. As with any election, the more votes the car(pack) receives, the higher its position will be in the final standings.

2. If more tan one car(pack) receives the same number of votes, they will be classed as the same position (e.g. two 3rd Place car(pack)s. The next one would therefore be 5th Place, not 4th).

3. The Top 3 car(pack)s in the election will receive a gold/silver/bronze CoM award. This award can be used along with the car(pack) by the author as they wish.

4. When the election is closed, this will be announced in the thread and the results published soon after.

5. A CoM carpack will be created with the best cars from the 2 months. Every car(pack) that receives at least a vote will be included. Permissions will be asked of the authors as and when required. Authors can give general permissions to use all future elected car(pack)s if they so wish.


Yearly Rankings

The yearly rankings give a list of the success of carmakers for that year, including most total votes, most elected car(pack)s, and car/vote ratio.



Regardless of whether previously elected or not, car(pack)s CANNOT be renominated for later elections. This is even if updates have been made, unless the physics, polygons and vortex values are substantially changed. CoM organisers alone will decide if changes/updates are substantial enough for re-nomination.