CoM January/February Results

Hello everyone,
We're happy to present you the results of the latest CoM! This time it was very odd, especially as we had more voters than nominated cars. However, these are the Winners:
1. F-Astor by Krisu
1. Wildcat by Glen
3. 1968 Cars by Genetleman

Sadly, this is the last CoM period with Lukeno94 who stops his activity at CoM. Still thanks for all of your help in the last time, Luke!

Best regards, XYY


CoM November/December 2011 Results out!

Hi everyone,
Seems that we have reached the new year! The winners of CoM November and December are Lukeno94 (Old Americana Pack) and Genetleman (Supercar Racing Leauge), with five votes each! Congrats to the winners, and to anyone else who got a nomination or some votes!


CoM July/August 2011

Slightly later than planned, the CoM results for July and August 2011 are out, and congratulations to Krisu for his fabulous Matra MS630!


Staff change

Hello everyone,

now it's also official on CoM homepage. Herbal leaves the GeneRally International Forum (which also means he won't do CoM anymore). But I've already found a new partner, Lukeno94, who will recieve the votes and upload them here.
So, best wishes to Herbal (whose goodbye message can be viewed here)!


We are back

Hi everyone,

After a long time we're back! Nothing happened here since November. But finally, we of CoM managed to upload the November/December 2010 Results and also put the Januar/February 2010 nominations!
Congrats to Lukeno94 for his CoM Podium with Old Hatch Series, many 2nd-placers ( Ms... , Krisu, Dan Hakulín) and of course everyone else who got votes or even only nominations!

Hopefully you'll as well be a bit more active with voting ;-)

Greets, Herbal and XYY