CoM March/April 2015 results released!

Hello guys,

After a very long delay I uploaded the results for CoM March/April 2015.

1. Update Original GeneRally Cars (March April 2015) by MASA - Forum link
1. VaporTrail Ships by CamrosX - Forum link
1. WOR Global Touring Championship by Haruna - Forum link
1. WOR World Super GT Series by Haruna - Forum link

With his first car which is listed on the CoM Homepage CamrosX lands a homerun and shares the quadruple podium with MASA and Haruna.

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CoM January/February 2015 results released!

Hi guys,

I just managed to upload the results for CoM January/February 2015.

1. Car Pack #01 by Lorenzo - Forum link
2. Suzuki Swift Cup Europe 2014 by Szmajli - Forum link
2. Update Original GeneRally Cars (Feb 2015) by masa - Forum link

Lorenzo returned after a long break and wins the CoM award straightaway! Congrats also to Szmajli and masa for their efforts, they share the second place.

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CoM November/December 2014 results released!

Hey guys,

finally, with another delay, I can present the results of the last CoM period of 2014.

1. F1 1958 by kave - Forum link
2. Super Formula 2014 by Ryumi - Forum link
3. MCar Super Truck by Marcinho - Forum link

Congratulations go especially to kave, it's impressing that both of his first carpacks made it to CoM and he even won the award! But of course everyone else has done a great job too, every car(pack) got at least three votes.

Thanks to 9 voters! :-)


CoM September/October 2014 results released!

Hi guys,

again with a lot of delay I present you the results of the September/October 2014 voting.

1. TUDOR USCC GT LeMans Class by puttz - Forum thread
2. ETCC 2014 by Herbal - Forum thread
2. Porsche Supercup by Herbal - Forum thread

Detailed results

In a month with only five nominations, puttz grabs the victory. The places 2-5 go to Herbal.

Thanks to eight voters!


CoM July/August 2014 results released!

Hey guys,

July and August didn't have many cars for us, but at least, we have a fair amount of voters for quite a while now.

1. FIA Formula E Season 2014 by Herbal - forum link
2. Emil's Onewheeler by Emil Patanen - forum link
2. Red Bull Air Race 2014 by sartalas - forum link

The recreation of the all-new Formula E Series has brought Herbal another victory in Car of the Month - the first since he got a Car Master award. Congrats also to Emil Patanen and sartalas for their alternative creations. It's nice to see that other vehicles also get this much attention.

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