CoM January-March 2016

Hello guys!
The nomination period is now underway. This is the thread where you must nominate cars OR carpacks posted in January, February and March 2016 for CoM. Once the nomination period closes at 0:00 GMT on 1st May 2016 the list of all nominated cars and carpacks will be posted here.

Note: Please keep in mind that the forum thread is only for casting nominations. Any discussion should take place in the CoM discussion topic. One nomination is enough for a car or carpack to be electable. Anything else than nominations is likely to be deleted by a moderator to keep everything organised.
When nominating a car or carpack, you have to mention the name of the car/carpack, the author(s) and a link to the thread/post. Please don't edit your nomination posts, because your changes may be overlooked otherwise. Thanks :-)

Please make sure you know the rules if you're unsure about anything.


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